Our Story

We specialize in creating flower petals in custom blends that will coordinate with your wedding color palette. Is it a Classic Romantic theme or a Boho, Rustic Barn setting?
Here at Grace Renee Elegance, we have an assortment of styles and color blends that can be customized to match your color needs.


Several years ago, while planning our daughter's wedding we began a search for rose petals. As we scoured the web, we found an abundance of whimsy thin looking petals. We also just weren't able to find the color blend she needed.

We needed ALOT of petals since she was planning on using petals that bordered the aisles and were going to be sprinkled on the reception tables. 

One afternoon, I was watching my daughter in the process of making her own bouquet from satin material. She cut petal shapes from fabric, singed the edges of the fabric and then hand sewed the “petals” into rose flowers. They looked amazing!! I looked at her and said, “Corene, these are our petals we have been searching for and they are in the Exact color we need!!”
That afternoon an idea was borne, Grace Renee Elegance!

We knew there were other brides looking for rose petals in their “perfect” color combinations. 
Shop around and view our petals and always feel free to message us if you have any questions. Let's work together to design some beautiful color combinations that will make Your wedding day elegant, beautiful and just Perfect!!